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Our Approach


History of Healthy Suffolk

In 1998 we held our first meeting at Holiday Inn to discuss forming the Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community.

In May of 1999 the Mission and Vision for the Partnership was developed. We started that Fall with the goal of making Suffolk a healthier city.

In 2001 a community assessment was done to identify the health issues of Suffolk’s population. In 2001, Virginia Savage was elected President of the Partnership, and eventually served 8 years in this role.


Early Years

The bylaws were written and approved and an action plan was implemented for community awareness of the health benefits of healthy eating fitness.

Our articles of incorporation were filed.

In 2005 discussions began around the feasibility of the SPHC creating a free clinic.


Gaining Momentum

In 2006 our 501c3 status was granted with the IRS.

In June 2007, the Western Tidewater Free Clinic opened under the umbrella of the SPHC.

In 2008, a grant was received from OHF to hire an individual to conduct a community assessment on the rate of obesity in the city, and what programs may impact this.

In 2009 the community gardening concept was brought before the board, and was implemented. A $41K grant was also received from OHF and the first Executive Director was hired part time.


Planting Roots

In 2010 a strategic planning committee began work on the Strategic Plan and stayed busy with…

The first Friends of the Partnership appreciation luncheon
The healthy Eating and Fitness Committee held its first 5k event in conjunction with Suffolk Parks and Rec
OHF was awarded a $75K grant to support building the Partnerships infrastructure, expanding Suffolk On The Move and The Gardens Project, as well as to begin initial planning to launch PLCP.
Cross Realty graciously began offering free office space, and the Executive Director position went full time.

In 2011 wii bowling tournaments, bike fun rides, as well as smoking cessation classes were initiated.

The Get up and Go program began and focused on exercise and healthy eating.
A student from each high school in the city was invited to represent youth on our board of directors
The Guys With Tiest calendar fundraiser was launched through a premier event with the purpose of raising awareness of the Partnership and providing health promotion themes each month.
In 2012 PLCP officially launched with nearly 100 participants enrolled in the program.


Healthy Suffolk

In 2016, we rebranded as Healthy Suffolk, and our dedication to the Suffolk community continues.

Our Story

Healthy Suffolk Mission and Vision:

Our Mission ~ To advance wellness and livability in Suffolk
Our Vision ~ A livable community where all citizens are healthy

Healthy Suffolk (previously the Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community) is a 15+ year old non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that works to advance wellness and livability for Suffolk, with many accomplishments to date, including the establishment of the Western Tidewater Free Clinic, a gardening program throughout the community, and highly successful active living initiatives

Healthy Suffolk seeks to create a culture of wellness and livability in Suffolk.  Healthy Suffolk works to implement policy change at the city and community level by serving as a convener, advocate and promoter of wellness and livability.

Meet the Healthy Suffolk Team

Great deeds are preformed by great people. Here are the team behind Healthy Suffolk.

Regina Brayboy

Executive Director

Daniel Harrell

Communications and Outreach Manager

Shelley Barlow

Director of Healthy Food Initiatives

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Douglas NaismithChair – Retired Educator

W. Ross BooneVice-Chair – Retired Educator

Erin YoungTreasurer – Assistant VP, Towne Bank

Jean Carmean, Secretary - Retired RN

Brian Bass - Project Manager/Business Developer, Nansemond Contractors, Inc.

John Biggs - Retired Educator

Tia Blount - Owner/CEO, Christopher Jordan Real Estate

Richard Chaing - Owner, Suffolk Executive Offices

LaToya Harrison – Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Suffolk Public Schools

John Heimerl - President, Heimerl & Associates, Inc.

Jeannie M. Leonard - Western Tidewater Transit Supervisor Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia



Anne McCoy – Health & PE Curriculum & Wellness Specialist, Suffolk Public Schools

Demetrios Peratsakis - Executive Director, Western Tidewater Community Services Board

Darlene W. Rawls, M.Ed - Director, Community Support & Rehabilitation Services, Western Tidewater Community Services Board

Robert Rhodes – Federal Solutions Architect/ Service Management, IBM Corp.

Pam Saunders - Retired Educator

Tracy Snipes – Executive Director/CEO, Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Robert E. Stephens – President/CEO Genesis Development & Consulting Services, LLC

Become a Volunteer

We are always in need of those individuals or groups who can donate their time. Whether it's helping us with one of our events throughout the year, or lending some time to help with the administration of the many efforts of Healthy Suffolk, it is only through the support, both financial and our volunteers, that we are able to accomplish all that we do.

Upcoming Events

The best way to be a part of your community is to get out and be involved. Healthy Suffolk holds lots of events in our community, spanning all aspects of Active Living and Healthy Eating.